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Cyclone And Portable Bag For Cleaning Area
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Cyclone And Portable Bag For Cleaning Area

The main function of cyclone is as a sparator that separates between dust and air. With the use of the theory of differences in the specific gravity of a particle in the dust and clean air can be separated. Generally, many timber companies use cyclone to prevent air pollution. Air pollution from the cutting of wood material in the production room is aspirated and inserted into the cyclone through the inlet hole located beside the cyclone wall. Inside the cyclone there is a pipe that is the same diameter as the neck and the length of the pipe is almost equal to the length or height of the cyclone wall. With the inner pipe causing the incoming airflow cyclone machine tool into turbulence flow so that particles that have a higher density will be thrown down and air that has mild density will come out of the cyclone. Here is a flow process scheme inside cyclone.

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